Invite your friends and family to become member of Woman Cart store and earn commission for each sale they make. 

  • You will earn Rs. 50 for every new referal sale.
  • You will earn Rs. 10 for every consecutive sale by your referer.


* By participating in the referal program, you accept our terms and conditions and acknowledge that WomanCart reserves the right to change the offer under this program and decide the validity of any referrral.




1. What is Refer and Earn program?

With refer and Earn program, you can help friends and family members get the most exclusive products from WomanCart and Ever referal you bring in WomanCart, you earn commission on their purchase! Not only this, but you get commission for lifetime of their purchase.


2. How do I refer Someone?

Refering people is simple:

1. Login to

2. Go to any product page and click on "Share" icon for "Facebook", "Twitter", "Instagram" or "WhatsApp".

3. You will see your unique referal code embeded in each of the product URL page by default.

4. Once your friend opens the URL, we add your referal code in their system.